Po Audio Recording

Sound can bring projects to life and help you better connect with your audience, whether you’re a business selling household products or are a firm targeting other businesses with your professional services. 

Video Broadcasting

Having video or audio on the move allows users to consume video and radio whenever and wherever they want it. This fits in strongly with our busy lives. We come to your location and record/broadcast your events to live streaming platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.

Radio Promotion

Radio promoters are responsible for pitching new songs to radio programmers (music directors and program directors at radio stations) to get them played on the radio. When you’re signed to major label, they have a built in radio promotions department. 

Artist Development

An artist development deal is a recording artist contract with a record label or music publisher that promises to develop the skills and public profile of the artist. In exchange for the development support, the recording label or publisher receives a right to future high royalties or other desirable rights.